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the air, if left unchecked it can reduce your refrigerator’s ability to refrigerate, shorten the life of the compressor and make it run long raising the electric bill. It needs to be vacuumed once or twice a year. It is usually is located in the front at floor level behind the removable grill kick plate. If not, (except on Sub-Zero where it is usually on the top with the compressor condensing unit), it should be in the back. (the vacuum cleaner crevice tool will come in handy).

  • Your refrigerator’s door swing is determined by it’s leveling position. If tilted backwards the door will “want” to swing closed when open; if it sits level on the floor and the fridge door will stay in place, tilt it forward and it will tend to swing open which will make it difficult to close if your hands are already occupied as well as the risk that careless closing may end up causing the door to wind up in the open position for an extended period.

    What to do?

    Most fridges are equipped with leveling screws feet located under both front corners that will raise and lower the refrigerator with the use of an open ended wrench, adjustable wrench, or pliers. Turning the feet clockwise will lower the front of the fridge while counter clockwise will raise it. Either the level stay in place position or the automatic closing option are a matter of personal choice – but now you know how to control it!


About General Electric refrigerators


General Electric (GE) has over 100 years of experience and dedication to serving customers with very innovative and creative designs. Although GE manufactures many types of appliances, it is well known for its high quality GE refrigerators. Different types of GE refrigerators include the French door bottom freezer design along with other styles such as counter depth, side to side, compact, and the traditional top freezer models.
General Electric is devoted to meeting the needs of its customers. Although all of the different refrigerators mentioned above are manufactured by GE, their features are varied.
It is important when purchasing an appliance that you select one designed and manufactured by a reputable and stable company so that they will stand behind their products as well as having been in the industry long enough to have the kinks worked out. This will save you lots of headaches. A refrigerator does not often have problems or break down yet GE refrigerator repair is indeed arise sooner or later. Something to watch for is that newer companies may not be as proficient in delivering prompt service especially pertaining to guarantees, warranties, and part replacements. This is reason enough to select a refrigerator from a well established company such as General Electric. GE has had a long history of standing by their products. This is something to keep in mind when making a large investment that you depend on daily, such as a refrigerator.

You will have successful end results when combining a General Electric refrigerator with the service and/or GE refrigerator repair from North Shore Appliance Repair & GE refrigerator Repair Chicago. We are trained and equipped to fix these appliances manufactured by General Electric, as well as by those from many other manufacturers. Having a good quality machine with skilled GE refrigerator repair technicians trained to repair it adds up to a win-win match when breakdown or malfunctions do occur. Be sure to call North Shore Appliance Repair and see why we have been the best for many years.
Remember when it comes to prompt, reliable, expert, courteous repair service for you GE refrigerator, North Shore Appliance Repair will come through for you with “flying colors” every time!

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