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Dishwasher Tips

  • Pre-rinse your dishes if they are going to sit all day before you place the in your dishwasher, if not the case then scraping alone should be adequate.
  • Don’t over crowd your dishwasher. Avoid layering just one last item instead of hand washing, it could cause you to re-wash the entire load all over again.
  • Do not stack the dishes, the spray water will not be able to clean the top dish in your dishwasher
  • Be careful of items with long handles in your dishwasher, they could slip through the rack stopping the spray arm rotation.
  • Separate spoons in the silverware basket in your dishwasher by turning every other one upside down.
  • Place mugs and glasses between the tines only, placing them on top can cause water spotting.
  • Be very careful when arranging wine glasses by avoiding their bumping into each other or striking the top of the dishwasher.
  • Properly secure plastics to prevent their falling into the dishwasher heating element.
  • Load dishes and boles with the soiled side down in the dishwasher. Casseroles, pots, and pans should angle down for optimum cleaning.
  • Place platters pots and pans along the side and back of the rack, but never in the front or the detergent will not reach the dishes. If possible to create extra space, move the silverware basket to the center of your dishwasher to create more space in the sides.
  • Separate your silver and silver plated from stainless in your dishwasher to avoid pitting the silver should they touch.
  • Angle the cups as much as possible to prevent their bases from pooling water. If puddles still occur load the cups on to the bottom rack first to avoid drip down from the top.
  • Use only fresh detergent in your dishwasher for it will loose it’s effectiveness in time. Avoid purchasing no more than a two month supply at a time.

About Miele dishwasher


Making the best use of a super quiet operating Miele dishwasher space, everyday dish loads as well as special occasion over-sized wine glasses and serving plates can easily be accommodated. Various baskets, trays, and inserts allow for the customization of the dishwasher.

Every square inch of space inside a Miele dishwasher is maximized so that you can easily load a volume of everyday dishes, and those unique items like champagne flutes, over-sized dinner plates and serving platters. A clever array of removable baskets and inserts let you customize the interior of your dishwasher to fit the delicate and odd-shaped items.

Never rinse another dish again with these dishwashers as pots and pans can be scrubbed by your new appliance. Sensors detect the soil level of dishes and water softeners keep any water spots away from your glasses and crystal.

Whether you select white, stainless steel, or black for the color of your dishwasher, Miele dishwashers integrate well with your the look and style of your kitchen. You might want your dishwasher to be hidden, blended, or be the center of focus a Miele dishwasher was built with perfect décor in mind.
Sound amazing? These are just a few of the many features of Miele dishwashers. Yet even the most amazing appliances can have problems from time to time so do know that when your dishwasher has a malfunction or needs repair, don’t hesitate to call Chicago North Shore Appliance Repair Chicago & suburbs will come to your aid to restore your Miele to it’s original condition!

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