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About Sub-Zero refrigerators

Sub-Zero refrigerators and freezers are, considered by many to be amongst the finest home refrigerators and freezers available, likewise requiring the finest in Sub-Zero repair, and we feel as do our many valued customers that North Shore Appliance Repair not only is and has been for over 40 years now such a firm but that our Sub-Zero repair service is second to none.
Although it may seem counter intuitive to think in terms of repair failure when speaking of a Sub-Zero, Sub-Zero repair will eventually be required, and if you didn’t already know that, your searching now to find our site may mean that you just found that out.
Through our many years of repair experience we at North Shore Appliance Repair have observed that Sub-Zero repair will not be a reality as much with one that is well maintained compared to one that is not. Most people who acquired their Sub-Zero through a contractor, (concerned mainly with the construction and installation end), were never explained much if anything regarding maintaining their Sub-Zero Refrigerator. The same also is true with those who acquired their Sub-Zero refrigerator though a home purchase, and for the same reason – no one explained much about Sub-Zero repair and maintenance to the previous owner either for the same reason, thus not much was passed on.


The next time you call us for Sub-Zero repair we will show you how to properly maintain it as recommended and originally intended for the home owner by Sub-Zero them selves, or if more practical you can establish with us a regular maintenance schedule so that we can assist you with the chore, thus cutting your electric and Sub-Zero repair bills in half as well as extending the life of the costly motor/compressor unit.

Even the conventional fridge such as a Maytag, Whirlpool, Kenmore, GE, Frigidaire, Amana etc, should have it’s condenser cleared every 6 months or so, and with the Sub-Zero Refrigerator it is even more critical. There are three reasons for this:

  1. The otherwise extra efficient Sub-Zero condenser design with it’s closely spaced condenser fins will more readily jam up with dust particles thus causing condensing unit over heating making it far less efficient if unattended beyond the manufactures recommendations.
  2. Unlike most other refrigerators, the Sub-Zero refrigerator condensing unit is usually mounted up high by the ceiling where it is naturally warmer, thus even further contributing to excessive heat buildup caused by a possible lack of maintenance.
  3. Unlike the conventional refrigerator that usually ranges in cost from around $500 to $1,500, a Sub-Zero Refrigerator that starts at a “cool” $7,000, will not be nearly as expendable as the lower priced conventional refrigerator thus making proper maintenance all the more important.

About our Sub-Zero repair service:

In addition to providing our customers proper and important maintenance and guidance for their Sub-Zero refrigerators, North Shore Appliance Repair’s exclusive Sub-Zero repair service is number one in Chicagoland. Starting with our courteous well informed 24 hour 7 day live customer service receptionists that take your Sub-Zero repair order to the happy ending repair including all the steps in between, our Sub-Zero repair service more than “measures up”.
Our Sub-Zero technicians are prompt, courteous, reliable, expert, and certified.

Our work is not only guaranteed for one full year but also in the event that another repair is needed after the original repair, it is our policy to cover it at no charge even if it is a completely different problem.*

Our Sub-Zero Repair technicians clearly communicate to avoid misunderstandings and this includes our pricing. Instead of the open ended hourly or minute calculation of charges as with many of our competitors, technicians charge a reasonable flat rate, always quoting you the full price at the job site before the actual repair work begins.

If you are located in
Chicago or any of it’s suburbs
, Sub-Zero repair is within easy reach of our seasoned expert technicians, and since you are probably located just around the corner from one our our Sub-Zero refrigerator repair technicians, it is our policy never to charge for travel regardless of distance or location, even if it means for example traveling from Glernview to Highland Park, or Naperville to Schaumburg, or Northbrook to Skokie, or Deerfield to Evanston, repair will cost you no more. Unlike many of our competitors, we ask not what our customer can do for us,
we ask what what we can do for our customer!

*For up to 30 days if parts were replaced but excluding an additional need for a compressor or circuit board.

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