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Helpful Laundry Dryer Usage Tips


  • Clean the dryer lint trap before each use.
  • Depending on load size, place one to three dry towels in the dryer load to absorb moisture and speed up drying time.
  • By shaking out clothes as they are removed from washer and placed in the clothes dryer, drying time and wrinkles will be reduced.
  • A high washer spin or doubling spinning before placing the clothing in your dryer will reduce drying time and energy with a net savings far exceeding the extra washer use.


  • Avoid placing towels in the dryer with permanent press.
  • Try to dry like weight clothing with similar light weight items and likewise thick towels and other heavy things should be placed with similar heavy things.


  • Avoid putting wet items in a partially finished load, drying them separately instead would be a better choice.
  • Larger loads dry more economically but if the load is to large the advantage will reverse and also create lint. The rule of thumb should be, whatever we fit comfortably in your dryer will work best in the long run.

Drying Tips

  • Remove blankets from the clothes dryer before completely dry, then spreading them out over a bed or flat surface.
  • Woolen items should only be dried for 10 or 15 minutes at the most and removed while they are still slightly damp, before very warm, and then hang up to thoroughly dry.
  • Unload your dryer while clothes are slightly damp, especially if they are going to be hung up immediately.
  • To Avoid wrinkling, hang or fold all clothes immediately after drying.
  • If garments are wrinkled do to being over dried, toss a damp towel into the dryer until the wrinkles are gone.
  • Try to dry clothes only a long as needed to dry them, drying beyond that point eventually will set wrinkles, cause shrinkage, increase static and shorten their life.

Economy and Efficiency Measures

  • By disconnecting the dryer vent hose the dryer can serve as a supplemental heat source source in winter.
  • Every week or two inspect the outside dryer vent to be sure that when the dryer is off the automatic flapper closes, if not replace the flapper-hood assembly to prevent unnecessary heat loss while the dryer is not running.
  • Place your Dryer in a heated or at least insulated space so that it will not need to make as much energy on its own.
  • Clean dryer lint screen or trap before each use to increase efficiency and reduce lint.

About Whirlpool dryers


When you’re choosing a dryer, know that Whirlpool offers a feature that is considered to their special enhanced sound package which insures a dryer that remains quiet. No one wants to talk over the sound of their dryer. An interior drum light which allows you to see what you’re doing while loading and unloading laundry is added to most of their dryers. A wrinkle protection feature comes with most Whirlpool clothes dryer models so that your clothes will have as few wrinkles as possible when they come out of the dryer. Some of their dryers have a special sensor drying system which detects the dryness of the laundry and adjusts accordingly to help save energy and money.
Whirlpool’s large variety of dryers include models that can dry clothes in less than thirty minutes. These models also come in unique colors, along with the standard black and white colors, including “gold metallic on biscuit”. Different cycles such as heavy duty, quick dry, and delicate gives you several drying options.

Their classic line of clothes dryers come in electric and gas. These classic dryers have wide doors to hold a super capacity of laundry. The Wrinkle Shield Plus helps to keep wrinkles at bay for approximately 120 minutes while waiting for you to take the clothes out of the dryer and these classic models can also sense when your clothes are dry and turns itself off. This helps to save energy and money.
Whirlpool’s Duet line has dryers that come in gas models, steam models, and electric models. The duet line gives you many drying options as the dryers have at least ten different drying cycles and five different temperature settings.
Their Duet Sports line come in electric and gas. Hot colors such as black on black and white with gray accents are sure to accentuate your home’s interior. Along with a variety of temperature and drying features, the swing door is reversible and can open and close based on how you want it to swing.
North Shore Appliance Repair strives to accommodate your needs promptly and affordably with an understanding of the importance and need of a home’s clothes dryer and the inconvenience of it’s failure. Our many years of experience and service to the community with whirlpool dryer repair is your assurance that you will receive the best possible in the way of service and value!

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