Whirlpool Washer Repair Service


Washer Usage Tips


  • Button up pillow cases.
  • Close zippers, hooks and snaps.
  • Don’t allow metal objects in laundry such as pins and safety pins, coins, hair clips etc.
  • Check pockets before washing and remove things such as crayons, pens, gum, lipstick, lip balm, etc.
  • Treat all persistent problem stains by rubbing liquid detergent into them or treating them with a spray quality pre-wash before putting into your washer.
  • Read the care label instructions including water temperature and cycle and set it accordingly.


  • Separate natural fibers such as cottons from synthetics before putting
    them into your washer, thus preventing the oils from the natural items getting into the polyesters and other synthetics causing a color running.
  • Separately wash fleece, sweat clothing, towels etc to prevent lint from getting on the other garments.
  • To avoid color running wash new colored clothes separately the first time and thereafter in your washer until the color bleeding stops.
  • Separately wash fleece, sweat clothing, towels etc to prevent lint from getting on the other garments.
  • Never wash colored items with white garments in your washer.
  • Sort laundry in groups before placing in your washing machine: coloreds, whites, synthetics, delicates, and woolens.
  • Sort laundry in groups before placing in your washing machine: coloreds, whites, synthetics, delicates, and woolens.
  • Wash all lingerie separately.


  • Although it may seem that a fully loaded washer saves time and energy, it will also cause inefficient washing by not allowing clothes to properly swish around as they would if they were loosely dropped into the washer tube which will greatly enhancing washing ability.
  • Avoid placing large items such as towels, house coat etc. on one side with only light items such as underwear on the other side to prevent a tube imbalance in your washer.
  • By loading the clothes evenly together, cleaning is enhanced By evenly mixing large and small items together in the washer cleaning is enhanced.
  • Heavily soiled clothing are washed best in a reduced load size in your Washer.
  • Load synthetics just half way or less and delicates and woolens 1/3 tub in your washing machine.

Special Care Items

  • Flame retardant sleepwear: Do not place in your washer with detergent, doing so will suppress it’s flame retardant ability.
  • Woolen garments should only be soaked in detergent water for 10 to 15 minutes before the normal rinse cycle.
  • Plastic items such as vinyl backed garments, bibs, pants, etc only have to be washed in your washing machine for no longer than four minutes before being tumbled dried in a no heat dryer


  • Rinse only in cold water, this helps to prevent clothes from wrinkling.

Cold Water Washing

  • Cold water washing is normally adequate for most types of loads if liquid detergent used and as long as the water temperature in your washer is at least 70 degrees F. Powered detergent however will require a warmer temperature for it to dissolve. Unless disinfecting cloth diapers, bedding and whites, hot water should not normally be required.

About Whirlpool washer

Whirlpool offers many choices in washing machines. The choices are so broad that the prices range from $300 – $1000. What you need your washer to do, the added features that you would like, and, of course, your budget are the determining factors when selecting a Whirlpool washer (or any washing machine).

Whirlpool is very innovative, delivering new models on an ongoing basis. Some features that come on different models include top load, front load, and Energy Star ratings (low energy and water usage). They also offer steam washing machines and water saving washing machines. Whirlpool can meet your needs and your heart’s desire when searching for a home appliance.
Their high efficiency machines are the most popular especially in this economy. Washers that use less detergent and water yet deliver fresh, clean laundry will help you save money by reducing your water bill, electric bill, and reduce the money you spend on laundry detergent. And who doesn’t want to save money these days?

Because your washer does so much yet few realize how much they take their washer for granted until problems and caring for an appliance that works night and day to meet your family’s needs is very important. This is where North Shore Appliance Repair comes into the picture. We are trained, skilled, and certified to repair various types of washers and dryers, including the more complex units, such the Whirlpool line. Our talented technicians are prepared to tackle any problems that you may have. Whirlpool washing machines are built to last yet they do have problems from time to time and a reputable repair man is needed. North Shore Appliance Repair is equipped to successfully repair these units.
Day and night repair service is offered by North Shore Appliance Repair, which is quite a convenience for its customers. We fully understand that when your washer is having problems, it is a major inconvenience. Remember, for the best in the way of prompt, reliable, expert, courteous repair service for your Whirlpool washer, North Shore Appliance Repair will come through with “flying colors” every time!

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