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Operating & Economy Tips for Ovens & Ranges

  • Use only a moderate flame on the gas burner of your stove to conserve energy.
  • Cut energy use by 50% to 75% by using a pressure cooker when ever practical.
  • Avoid opening the oven door to check progress, (each time the temperature will drop by 20 to 40 degrees).
  • Covering the oven racks with foil blocks proper hot air flow – (pots and pans should be staggered for the same reason).
  • Take advantage of the oven heat when cleaning – clean your oven right after it’s use.
  • An efficient and fume free flame on your range burner is always blue – if it becomes yellow it will need adjustment.
  • Unless baking breads or pastries preheating your oven is not necessary and a needlessly wasting energy.
  • The efficiency gained from using glass or ceramic pots and pans may allow you to turn down your oven temperature from 20 to 30 degrees.
  • When cooking small to medium sized meals energy use will be best served with a microwave or toaster oven.

About Wolf oven

Wolf has perfected the functionality, durability, performance, and style of ranges and ovens. Their appliances offer a huge variety of features including variations in gas stoves, electric stoves, and dual fuel ranges. Some standard features include an infrared oven broiler, dual brass surface burners, and convection baking for perfect baking every time.
Wolf offers a tremendous selection of ovens and stoves – built in ovens, electric cook-tops, induction cook-tops, gas cook-tops, gas ranges, dual fuel ranges, integrated modules, range-tops, and more. The variety and customization is so huge as there are single ovens, double ovens, dual fuel ranges in different sizes, style, and features, and much, much more. Gas ranges are available in different sizes from 30” gas range to 60” gas range. Wolf built-in ovens have a beautiful sleek stainless steel panel that hides the electronic controls, making your kitchen even more beautiful. A quiet motor moves the control panel into position when you are ready to use it. In the 30 inch double oven two fans and four heating elements work together or in sequence to accommodate the mode of cooking that you select.

There are many products and features that Wolf offers and they are too numerous to mention here. If you check out Wolf’s website you will find many appliances and details. You’ll find that the reviews on Wolf ovens and stoves are superb. However, as we all know in life, nothing lasts forever and from time to time, your Wolf stove will have a malfunction or will need care and repair. When it does, don’t hesitate to call Northern Appliance and Repair who will promptly come to your assistance and provide fast, high Quality Wolf repair service to keep your Wolf range in tip–top condition so that you can provide the best culinary creations that you love to create.

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